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Real People Real Stories is a new segment of Heart South Cardiovascular Group, PC. We understand the concerns and at times the anxiety one might feel associated with seeing a cardiologist. On behalf of our own patients, we thought this would be a great opportunity for our patients to share their stories and eliminate the stress one might encounter. At Heart South, our patients are valued and often hear that they feel like family. On behalf of Heart South Cardiovascular Group, it’s an honor to serve you and your loved ones.

If you are a patient, we would love to hear your story! It’s quick and simple. Thank you in advance for your sharing your story.






 Real Story by Mary:
I recently experienced a life threatening situation that started because of falling at home. While in the hospital being treated for the injuries that resulted from the fall, I had a heart attack. Once I was rushed down to the CICU this is where I came into contact with HeartSouth.

My experience with HeartSouth and Dr. Aggarwal was exceptional. The morning before two stints were put in place, Dr. Aggarwal spoke with myself, daughter and son-in-law and explained in detail the issues and answered all of our questions concerning the procedure that I was about to go through. He was very patient, considerate and helpful. His care and expertise was very much appreciated. Even after the procedure, the care and support from Dr. Aggarwal and HeartSouth was superb.

HeartSouth’s personnel and the nurses were very good to me. They are very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and explained procedures and health issues in a way that was very understandable.

I felt that everyone involved treated me as one of their own family members. HeartSouth went above and beyond what was necessary to provide me with excellent health care and get me to full recovery. I appreciate all that HeartSouth and Dr. Aggarwal has done for me.


Real Story by Charlene:
My mother Helen who passed away 25 April 2015 at the age of 93. Her cardiac doctor was Dr. Vance. My mother really liked him. His personality, professionalism, caring all were top notch. Helen really liked him and trusted his judgement. Helen was in pretty good shape until she had a stroke. When Helen passed away Dr. Vance took the time to write a personal note to us regarding Helen and what a wonderful women she was. I now have started seeing Dr. Vance and I too also like him very much for the same reason my mother did. We both trust with our health and we would pass on his name to others looking for a cardiologist.


Real Story by Heather:
When I first came to Heart South October 19, 2016, I could barely breathe andDr. Gaddam saved my life. I was admitted to Shelby Hospital where they found a blood clot in my heart. After being on blood thinners and new heart medications, I am doing better now. Thank you Dr. Gaddam and to the staff for saving my life. I am so beyond thankful for all you’ve done to save me and to keep me alive. I would recommend Heart South to anyone!


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